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The Top 10 of 2015: Graduates from the Control and Instrumentation Field of Study

Here we present a gallery of the best graduates (and theses) from the Bachelor‘s study field Control and Instrumentation in the current academic year:


1. Tomáš Lázna
Gamma Radiation Measuremen


2. Matúš Adamec
Camera Timing Determination

3. Vilém Kárský
Orthogonal Bases and their Application in Signal Processing

4. Jan Bis
Control System for an Infrared Heater

5. Pavol Vargončík
Production Line Control Unit

6. Jakub Krejčí
Thermal Conductivity Measurement

7. Patrik Szalay
Terminal for the Visualization and Control of Conditions in a Dwelling House

8. Denis Fedor
Maintenance and Service SW for Weapon Calibration

9. Ladislav Tylich
Diagnostic Sensors in Transportation Systems

10. Jiří Stavělík
Microprocessor-Controlled Microsolder



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