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Project designation:

Principal investigator:
doc. Ing. Pavel Václavek, Ph.D.

Project duration:
2006 - 2008


Intelligent algorithms of AC induction and PM synchronous machine drives

AC induction machine and permanent magnet synchronous machine drives become more and more popular in industrial applications even in areas where DC motors were preferred. Algorithms for control of such drives are well known. To achieve high machine performance the machine mechanical and electrical parameters knowledge is needed and the machine have to be equipped with precise rotor speed sensor,...


Contact person

Principal investigator

  • doc. Ing. Pavel Václavek, Ph.D.

Department of Control and Instrumentation, Brno University of TechnologyTechnická 3082/12616 00 BrnoCzech RepublicCIN: 00216305, tel.: +420 5 4114-6411