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Project designation:

Principal investigator:
doc. Ing. Pavel Václavek, Ph.D.

Project duration:
2010 - 2013


Intelligent algorithms for predictive and robust control of AC drives

AC 3-phase drives become more and more popular both in industry and home appliances. High requirements on the drive control performance can be encountered on many places. Algorithms from family of the vector control and direct torque control are usually used in such case. These algorithms can provide good performance of the controlled drives but the common problem is their sensitivity to the...


Contact person

Principal investigator

  • doc. Ing. Pavel Václavek, Ph.D.

Department of Control and Instrumentation, Brno University of TechnologyTechnická 3082/12616 00 BrnoCzech RepublicCIN: 00216305, tel.: +420 5 4114-6411