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Research groups

Automatic Control

The group is focused to theory of automatic control and its applications in industrial environmnet. Special attention is paid to advanced control of...

Automatic Control

The group of automatic control performs research in automatic control algoritms, namely:

  • State observers
  • On-line identification methods and real-time control implementation
  • Neuron-networks based control algorithms
  • Adaptive, optimal and predictive controllers

​​The research is aimed also to implementation of modern control algoritms in industrial environment,...


Research group leader:

Industrial automation

Industrial Automation Group deals with the development and research in the area of industrial control systems, process automation and embedded...

Robotics and AI

The aim of group is mobile robotics and telepresence, AI algorithms, machine learning and biomedical robotics.

Robotics and AI

  • Mobile robotics - development of mobile robots for different environments (aerial and terrestrial).
  • User interfaces for remote control of survey mobile robots.
  • Telepresence for teleoperated machines. Stereoscopic view.
  • Augmented reality - CCD and thermal image fusion, 3D color visualization - CCD and 3D proximity scanner fusion.
  • Biomedical robotics - robotic...

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Machine Vision

The Machine Vision Group is primarily interested in an applied research and mathematical background of machine vision techniques. We focus especially...

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