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Title: Robotics and AI
Specialization: The aim of group is mobile robotics and telepresence, AI algorithms, machine learning and biomedical robotics.
Research group leader: prof. Ing. Luděk Žalud, Ph.D.


  • Mobile robotics - development of mobile robots for different environments (aerial and terrestrial).
  • User interfaces for remote control of survey mobile robots.
  • Telepresence for teleoperated machines. Stereoscopic view.
  • Augmented reality - CCD and thermal image fusion, 3D color visualization - CCD and 3D proximity scanner fusion.
  • Biomedical robotics - robotic medical imaging modalities, feedback rehabilitation.
  • Data Mining and prediction in sequential data.

Pages of study subjects MRBT and BROB can be found here.  

Our research:

  • Mobile robotic systems for various environments, cooperative robotics.
  • User interfaces for teleoperated exploring robots. Ergonomics, intuitivity, special requirements according to particular usage  (protecting shields, direct sunlight, ...).
  • Teleoperation for remote controlled machines.
  • Stereoscopic view.
  • Augmented reality - CCD and thermal image fusion, 3D color visualization - CCD and 3D proximity scanner fusion.
  • Our own flexible and configurable solution of heterogeneous robotic systems including wireless communication in free, licensed or military channels.
  • Explore robotic systems for extreme conditions, including MIL-STD tests compatible with NATO. Climatic resistance (temperature, humidity, dust), vibrations, EMC, chemical resistivity, decontamination, ...
  • Data Mining a predikce v sekvenčních datech - vyhledávání vzorů, pravidel a závislostí v časových řadách za využití statistických metod, algoritmů strojového učení a evolučních technik na výpočetním GRIDu (probíhající výzkum).

Department of Control and Instrumentation, Brno University of TechnologyTechnická 3082/12616 00 BrnoCzech RepublicCIN: 00216305, tel.: +420 5 4114-6411